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»Ethics in Educational Leadership

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Who should attend?

  • Superintendents and assistant superintendents
  • Members of school boards and of PSEA
  • Principals and vice principals
  • Intermediate unit executive and assistant executive directors
  • Directors of vocational-technical schools

School Leadership Series

Your students' education depends upon making tough decisions in hard times. Are you prepared to make these decisions and also to defend them to a wide range of stakeholders in both the school community and the larger community? Educational mandates remain high yet finances are uncertain. Educators want to respect students and their rights but must keep schools safe. Individual rights are important but what about the rights of the group? How can we make morally sound decisions?

The three courses that comprise the School Leadership Series bring your system leaders together to learn, as a group, about how best to meet these challenges.

In these courses, you can:

  • earn 90 Act 45 hours or 37.5 Act 48 hours
  • earn 3 graduate-level credits in the Ethics course (fall semester only)
  • engage in discussions with, and learn from, the experiences of other system leaders
  • acquire practical knowledge through job-embedded school district finance-related assignments aimed at improving student performance
  • pinpoint inefficiencies, redundancies, waste, and barriers in your district
  • review archived sessions from the convenience of your computer

If you have questions about this program, please contact:

Marci Tomasacci, Program Assistant
Phone: 814-863-6472

Penn State welcomes students with disabilities to participate in its educational programs. If you anticipate needing special accommodations or have questions about physical access, please contact the Office for Disability Services (ODS) or call 814-863-1807 (V/TTY).